Live in the 919? Here are the best trainers in the area. Period.

Becoming a Castle Trainer is no easy task. Only the most qualified and knowledgeable experts are able to join the team. Castle Fitness offers a convenient way to get fit from home with an expert personal trainer in the privacy of your own home. No matter where you live in the Triangle, you can work with the best hand picked coaches, right in your living room. Check us out.  
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OK, he looks a little nuts--we know. But Danny knows his stuff, and can get you fitter than you have ever been in your life. Castle's founder, Danny Trainer, has worked with thousands of people to trim, tone, and build their absolute best bodies ever. Now, you can do the same. When you work with our Danny or one of his trainers, you’ll gain access to a proven body transforming program and expertise that so many others have benefited from.

     Danny was one of the first Americans to train under Pavel Tsatsouline and earn the RKC certification. He is a highly sought after fitness and nutrition expert that has authored several published articles and has appeared as a guest fitness expert speaker. His fitness knowledge and ability to coach complex movements is highly regarded by his clients and fellow trainers. 

Meet your trainer: Amara Zimmerman

Want to get fit? Ready to change your health and body for the better? Then you gotta check out Amara. 


With a strong passion and enthusiasm for all things health and wellness, personal training and getting you fit has been Amara’s lifelong dedication. 

She is ready to share her expertise with you. 


As a dedicated student of fitness, Amara is pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy while completing her fitness certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Growing up with an athletic background, she has always turned to fitness and nutrition to reach and surpass her own health goals.


As a strong teacher, motivator, and leader Amara helps you not only achieve your best body but will make you feel confident and self-empowered in the body you now now occupy. 

Bottom line? Hire Amara and change your life and body. 


With a desire to help others find their true potential, Amara instills excellence by making health not only beneficial, but a fun process (she likes to laugh so be prepared).


Are you ready to look better, feel better and LIVE better? Message us to set up your first visit with Amara.