Castle Fitness offers a revolutionary new way to get fit from home with a personal trainer through a video portal. No matter where you live, you can work with the best hand picked coaches, live from the privacy of your own living room.


Fitness Trainer, Founder

Castle's founder, Danny Trainer, has worked with thousands of people to trim, tone, and build their absolute best bodies ever and now you can do the same. When you work with our trainers, you’ll gain access to the same program and expertise that so many others have benefited from.


With a dedicated personal trainer

You'll train live with your trainer through an easy to use portal device that's included in your program. This portal allows you to communicate with, and watch your trainer demonstrate exercises throughout your session. It gives your trainer a real time picture of your form so they can coach you through each exercise. Your Castle trainer will be well versed in program design, which means your sets, reps, exercises, volume, and density will be carefully adjusted to suit your age, gender, and fitness level.


Everything you need

When you work with us, there is no more guesswork and no more wasted time. Each of our trainers has been hand selected based on their training expertise and years of experience. You can be confident that you’ll be working with someone who has a proven track record of success in helping all kinds of people live stronger, leaner and healthier lives.

When you sign up you get all the equipment needed to work out, the personalized attention of your live trainer, and a time tested fitness program that gets serious results.


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