Become a Castle Coach. (can you answer these 5 questions?)

Becoming a Castle Coach is not easy. We only select the best, most knowledgeable trainers that demonstrate not only expertise, but an ability to convey that expertise into results for our clients. They also need brains, compassion and a sincere desire to actually help you. 

A Nationally recognized certification and CPR is just the start. Castle coaches must test and continually educate themselves in the science of physiology, anatomy, biology, psychology and metabolism. Plus, they have to have patience, confidence, and a genuine passion to help others. It can't be faked.

If you're interested in becoming a Castle Coach, answer these 5 questions to gauge the level of knowledge needed to be considered as a candidate. 

1.) What are the differences between the Goblet Squat, the High Bar Squat, and the Low Bar Squat? Be sure to include differences in segment angles and leverage (against the lifter and applied by the lifter) involved.

2.) Why do we coach out trainees to point their toes out during a squat and deadlift? 

3.) How can protein intake influence body composition? Why do our clients that are over 40 need more protein? 

4.) Name the prime movers in the press. Why is shoulder impingement impossible in a correctly performed press? 

5.) Why is gaining strength helpful for weight loss?

Hint: it's not just about your muscle's capacity to burn calories

Look, we are fun people. We laugh with you. We smile as you sweat. We even might joke a little as we get you fit. But we take your success very seriously, and we only hire the best, and we know you appreciate that.