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Got questions? Maybe these will help.
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Do I have to go to the gym?

Nope. All workouts will be done from the comfort of your living room, which means no gyms and no gym fees. Plus no creepy gawkers.

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need anything to get started. We provide all of the equipment and the expertise. Oh wait, you do need one thing--a desire to change.

How do the sessions work?

You’ll workout in your living room, garage, bonus room or wherever you have space. Your trainer arrives and brings in the mobile equipment. We give you a dynamite workout that will improve your strength and spirit.

How will I communicate with my trainer?

Outside of sessions, your trainer will be available via email, call or text - whatever works best for you. You'll have questions, we'll have answers.

Why Kettlebells?

The Kettlebell is one of the few tools we’ve found that can improve strength and cardiovascular fitness all in one. It teaches balance and demands coordination and concentration. They have been the key to helping most of our clients lose tons of body fat.

How do I get started working with a Castle personal trainer?

Hit the red "Train Now" button on the home page. You can also call, text or email us to set up your fitness assessment (there is no charge for this initial session). We'll evaluate your fitness goals and where you are now. Then we will begin to tailor a nutrition and fitness program to accomplish those goals. You'll never be the same. Seriously.

I have never touched a Kettlebell, can I do this?

Most definitely. We teach beginners the fundamentals of KB’s (kettlebells) very frequently. We love introducing them to new folks! They help you achieve the fat loss, mobility, and confidence. Ya know, the stuff you want.

How fast can I expect to see and feel results?

You will start to feel and see changes within 2 weeks. Fat loss of 12-15 pounds the first 2 months is not uncommon with our training program. We like to allow for 4-6 months for full body change because we are focusing on a life change, not just to slim down fast.

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