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Should you work out at home? Yep. (Caution, we're a little biased)

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Simply put, working out at home delivers. No driving. No parking. No one else's sweat. No membership dues.

We polled our clients and asked why they think that home workouts rock. These were the top 3 responses:

1.) Compliance

Here's the bottom line – if you're working out consistently you're going to get results. The biggest problem with gym memberships is that there will always be days when you can't get there, no matter how dedicated you are. Traffic, weather, work, and kids can all get in the way of even the most motivated effort to make it to the gym. One thing we hear all the time at Castle Fitness is, "I don't miss workouts anymore."

Our client Cher was frustrated practically out of her mind, "Working out at home with my trainer is the most efficient use of my time. I've tried gyms, but I'm getting twice the results at home with half the hassle of a gym." (Down 17 pounds, and her strength has quadrupled while working with Castle)

2.) Privacy

If you're not a gym person, we get it. Like it or not, when you walk into a gym, your body is on display. And for many people, being the subject of the stares and glares of others isn't cool. Working out at home and in private allows you to focus on your workout, and your body. 

Gyms can be warehouses of drama, and whispers fly about who-did-what. Plus, you might be the type of person that doesn't want to use the same equipment that 500 other people sweated on that day. Your own sweat is enough, you don't need anyone else's. Your home is your Castle, and we understand that privacy is critical. You don't need a gym to succeed, you just need a strong desire to change. Your Castle coach will take you every step of the way on your journey to maximum health and leanness.

"Honestly, I feared the gym scene. I didn't feel comfortable there and I dreaded going. Castle was my fitness solution. Now, I actually look forward to my workouts." Leslie M. (Down 21 pounds and in control of her body for the first time-ever)

3.) Results

You do this to get leaner, stronger, and to take charge of your health. You're ready to be fitter today than you were yesterday. And when it's your time to start taking better care of you – results matter. At Castle, your results are all that matter to us. 

"What can I say... Best training experience I've ever had. The professionalism and attention to detail is driving my results. I've had trainers before, but this is another level. Try Castle, it works." Corrina Z. (Down 22 pounds in her first month with Castle)

Our Question To You:

Would you get better results if you had an expert trainer working with you in the privacy of your own home? Can you imagine the confidence that every workout is created just for you and your success? Take a second and picture the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment when you lose your first 20 pounds and your strength goes through the roof. You're doing it. People are noticing. Most importantly, you notice the dramatic changes your body is undergoing – an incredible transformation. 

This can be yours. Real results. At home. In private in your Castle. Contact us to get started. The process is easy, and the results are stunning. 

"Best decision of 2019 I have made. Hire a Castle coach." Laurie R. 

If you're ready to get back on top of your fitness game, reach out to us. Train with Castle and we'll get you healthy, fit and your most toned ever – without leaving home. 

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