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3 Easy Steps To A Flat, Fabulous Stomach At Home.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The trainers at Castle Fitness are busy improving bodies all over the USA. But they agreed to share their top 3 ways to lean out your midsection. Forget the fads and gimmicks. These guys know what works. You know, the real stuff.

Is it time to lean out your belly? You're in good company. Perhaps no other fitness goal is as popular as the desire to have a firm, lean and athletic looking midsection. And now we'll give you 3 tips you can use right now to build your best abs ever. Ready? Let's go. 

1.) Drop your carbohydrate intake.

Low carb diets are popular for a reason – they work. The research is clear, dropping carbohydrate intake is safe and ultra effective to shed body fat. For the next 2 weeks, drop your daily carbohydrate intake to 30 grams a day or less. This means no bread, sugar, candy, cakes, ice cream, pizza, rolls, donuts, or fruit. When in doubt, look it up. Carbs and sugar are everywhere, so make sure you're under 30 grams for the day. Focus on proteins and fats. If you're still afraid that dietary fat will make you fat, relax and think in a new way. People gain way more weight from carbohydrate consumption than fat consumption. Your actual need for carbohydrate is ZERO. That's right, you don't need any carbs to live. However, you need to eat protein and fats to survive. Yep, it's true. Protein and fats are necessary, perhaps you've heard the term "essential amino acids." Without these vital nutrients we can't live. Ditch the carbs and focus on protein and fat. 

2.) Go for the Single Ingredient Strategy.

Another solid way to lose fat is to eat only single ingredient foods. Steak. Nuts. Cheese. Broccoli. Not pizza. Not anything processed. Not anything fried. Nothing from a box. You can combine single ingredient foods such as putting butter (single ingredient) on your broccoli (single ingredient). You get the idea. This strategy works so well because it eliminates highly processed foods and has you focus on foods that are satisfying, natural and the best for fat loss. 

3. Exercise your ABS the right way.

The best way (after eating properly) to get a firm, flat and strong stomach is to exercise your ab muscles the way they are supposed to be exercised. This is where most people (even some trainers) get it wrong. Do you know what the real purpose of your abs and core muscles? They are meant to stabilize your trunk. Bear with me here. The core muscle's job is actually to resist movement. This is why crunches and other similar exercises don't work. That's not how the muscles are supposed to function. A much better exercise would be a plank. Yep, the boring old plank, supported by the elbows, works these muscles how they are supposed to be worked. Work up to 2 minutes every other day for best results.

Need more help? Let the hand picked trainers at Castle Fitness get your fitness plan moving. We use real knowledge and real exercises that work. Results, confidence and a new body can be yours without actually having to go to leave your house. We created Castle for those that need serious fitness without the hassle of the gym.

Ready for a big change? Ready to hear, "Wow you look great!" about 100 times a day? Is it your time? Reach out to us today and start training live, for life. 

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